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What are saffron bulbs and properties of it? Saffron bulb price in 2019?

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Saffron breed through bulbs which are  planting in 30 centimeters depth of the  ground. Saffron bulbs are highly weatherproof and through dunnages that embrace the bulb , will repel against temperature oscillation. Dunnages around the bulb absorb remaining moisture from the last irrigation in summer. They preserve this moisture for a long time and through this, the bulb will be protected against the summer heat until the plant rise up again.

پیاز زعفران

Saffron bulbs resistance against the cold

Saffron bulbs in cold region with high rainfall ripe better than in hot region. One of the main reason which cause distinction from superfine saffron and inferior one is climate of the region. The colder the region, the more valuable the saffron.

Saffron is capable of resisting against the cold because of  its warm nature. Saffron bulbs continue to grow naturally at the temperature of -40°C and preserve succulence of leaves.


Saffron bulbs propagation

Bulbs propagate by transforming of the Maternal bulb to new bulbs (Doughterly bulbs). This process starts on Azar (late November) and ends on Farvardin (late March) every year in Iran. Until all nutritive materials in Maternal bulb pass to new bulbs so that nothing left from Maternal bulb but a thin layer. This operation continues  every year so the accumulation of bulbs come to a point that the land could not support the bulb necessities, which lasts 6-7 years to reach this stage and in principle farmers move the bulb to a new place every 7 years.

تکثیر پیاز زعفران

Properties of a healthy saffron bulb

It must devoid from any vermin such as ticks and funguses. In case of buying a fungus suspicious bulb, it must put into the fungus killer solution for 10-20 minutes before planting so as to slow down the fungus disease.

To avoid the infection of bulb, it is necessary not to irrigate the farm in hot weather; therefore there would not be suitable conditions for creation of any ticks and funguses.

پیاز زعفران

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